Week 3 – My Story

This week was supposed to be Robert Stone of Mr.Taxes.ca.  Unfortunately I was sick on Monday so I had to postpone the meeting.  Instead of trying to re-book it for later in the week, I thought that it would be good to tell you a bit about me and why I started this project.

A little bit about me…

My name is Keven McTaggart and I own a company called Anything on a Clock.  We use your photo’s, images and/or your logos and make them into custom clocks.  I started my business because in 2006, we were blessed with the birth of our son Nathan.  We called him Nathan because my wife Lucie is disabled and she was told that she would never have a child and Nathan means “Given by God”.

On to the questions…

Our first question is;

Q:   Why did you start the blog?

A:   I started the blog because when I started Anything on a Clock, I had so much passion for my business.  I was a networking goon;  3 or 4 networking events every week and I was always on the phone doing cold calls.  This, of course led to a fair amount of sales.  A couple of years ago, I got a bit side tracked by a different business opportunity that didn’t pan out.  Unfortunately this took all the momentum away from Anything on a Clock.  I still have the passion but unfortunately, the drive isn’t where it should be.

About 3 years ago I went to a seminar by Carissa Reiniger at Silver Lining Ltd and she was telling us about her mission of sitting down with a different business leader each week to learn from them.  I was thinking about this and thought, what could be a better way to get inspired than to surround myself with successful business leaders so I thought that I would do the same thing.

Then I thought, how many other small business owners out there are in a similar situation as I am?  I decided to write this blog to inspire you too.

The next question is;

Q:   Who will I see in future posts?

A:   Each and every week, we will be meeting with a different business leader.  Some of the people whom I have approached are owners of large businesses who are doing quite well.  But not all successful businesses choose to have a lot of employees.  We will also be talking to successful small business owners and solopreneurs.  Most of these people are the founders of their businesses.  We will however meet with the odd business owner who bought into a company and built it to be successful.

Some of the people who we talked to who are interested in being in this blog are;

Robert Stone          Mr.Taxes.ca

Neil Godin               Marketing Dangerously – Business Coach – The Turn Around Guy

Jeff Wheatley         Owner of 4  Boston Pizza  Restaurants

Lorraine Pond       Bobs and Lolo – Juno Award Nominated Children’s Entertainers

Doug Morneau       Rhino Marketing

If you know of anyone that you would like me to talk to and/or if you have any ideas for questions that we can ask our business owners about the beginning of their businesses, please forward them to me.  The best way to keep this blog fresh is with your input.

Stay tuned next week for Mr.Taxes.ca himself, Robert Stone.


About KevenMcTaggart
I own a small business called Anything on a Clock. I started Anything on a Clock in 2007 when my son was about a year old.

One Response to Week 3 – My Story

  1. chaosdiet says:

    This is a really great start Kevin! Looking forward to learning through your hard work this year. It is quite the undertaking, but I’m sure that it will be worth the effort.

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