Week 4 – Robert Stone

"MrTaxes.ca" Robert Stone

Week 4 with MrTaxes.ca Robert Stone

Robert Stone of MrTaxes.ca

This week was another exciting week for me.  I met with Robert Stone of MrTaxes.ca at the restaurant in the Sheridan Hotel in Surrey.  We were supposed to get together the week prior but I came down with the flu.  His story was well worth the wait.

A little bit about Robert Stone?

Robert and his brother were raised by their single mom.  Their grandparents were instrumental in helping raise them.  Even at a young age,he was quite entrepreneurial.  His mother got him and his brother into their first jobs delivering the Penny Saver paper when he was just 9 years old.  He was very active in sports.  He told me that he played football, baseball and hockey.  He stopped playing hockey at the age if 17.  A couple years later, he took up boxing.  He boxed for 14 years, had 152 amateur bouts and went to 2 Olympic trials.

Our Questions…

Sandra Parsons of  REMAX MABRE REALTY asks

Q:   What form of marketing did you do when you started and do you still do it?

A:   “I’m Irish, so the form of marketing that I liked to do use I started up was marketing that didn’t cost anything, and that’s word of mouth.  I still believe it’s the best kind of marketing you can do.  Get out to networking events and hand out cards”.

Melissa Musika of Indivine Visual Productions asks

Q:   If you could go into a time machine and go back to the day you started your business, what advice would you give yourself?

A:   “I think the biggest advice, and it is something I just learned over the last week.  I was at a great corporate training seminar with Colin Sprake.  Make Your Mark Success.  The biggest thing I took out of that was ‘Penalty Vs Reward’.”

Also, “If I could go back in a time machine,” Robert added “I would take more risks.”

Q:  What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

A:   “Desire” Robert answered.  “If you don’t have the desire, you aint going to succeed.  You are going to hit the first door.  The first door is going to close and it aint going to open.”  He went on to tell me an interesting story.  “Colonel Sanders, when he started, they were going to hire a marketing team to sell the idea of selling fried chicken in a box.  Don’t forget, this is in the ‘50s.  And they said ‘are you nuts, selling fried chicken in a box?  He went thru 20 or 30 marketing people till someone said ‘that’s a great idea”

What’s next for MrTaxes?

 Coming up for MrTaxes is for the 2012 tax season, they will be launching the first ever mobile device for filing simple tax returns.

 Stay Tuned


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