Week 6 – Sandra Parsons

We have all heard the saying “you only have one chance to make a first impression.” This week I had the pleasure to meet with Sandra Parsons of RE/MAX Sabre Realty.  My first impression of her is that she is truly genuine.  When I called to set up the meeting with Sandra, we realized that we live just a couple blocks from each other yet we never even knew each other existed till last week.  We decided to meet at our local Starbucks.  It was a beautiful February morning so we decided to have our meeting outside.  It was a lot quieter and peaceful than it would have been in the restaurant.

Who is Sandra Parsons?

“I am a self-made individual.” Sandra started out by saying.  She was born and raised in Surrey BC.  Her father was a truck driver and her mother was a ward clerk at a local hospital.  She has 3 siblings, one younger brother and two older sisters.  “I had the opportunity to graduate early from high school.” she told me.  After she graduated She moved to New Westminster and started working with a travel company doing educational travel where she got the opportunity to travel.  Unfortunately, because of the bad economic times, the agency closed shop so Sandra joined the YMCA.  She really enjoyed it so she decided to take some recreational management courses which led her to managing a gym where she also set up a number of fitness program for various organizations.

Shortly thereafter she “met a fellow who was a realtor.  He said ‘you know, you should get into the business of real-estate.’  , I took the plunge and got my real-estate license and here I am 25 years later, still in the business and loving it.”

I asked her to tell me about her business.  “How long have you been with RE/MAX Sabre Realty?”  I asked.  “I’ve been here for going on 12 years” she answered.

On to the questions… 

Anne Stadnyk of Say It Now asks

Q:   What was the most important quality you needed to grow your business?

A:   “Determination and stamina.  This business certainly has its ups and downs.  When I joined it the market was just making its way back up and that was a big thing but I still had to have that determination.”

Alan Brown of Second Level Communications asks;

Q:   How important is Social Media to your business and why?

A:   “It is very important.”  Sandra doesn’t deal with it much.  Her husband and business partner Rob handles the social media

I asked her what types of social media they use.  “I would tell you the one that we don’t use is LinkedIn but we use pretty much everything else.  Twitter, Facebook, we do it all pretty much.”  I asked her why they didn’t use LinkedIn.   She said “We have a lot of people in our database who have expressed a concern about being connected.  Once you link in, you have your whole database linked in with you.  Some people said they don’t want that and we want to respect their privacy.”

Patrick von Pander, The Big Picture Coach asks;

Q:   When you started your business, what did you think about most each day?

A:   “Surviving, pretty much surviving.  Making sure that I could pay the bills and to make sure that I could carry on in the business.  So that was it, I was living in a bit of fear initially.”

In Conclusion… 

When I told people that I was going to be talking to a real-estate agent, I got a common comment: “Are you sure you want to talk to a real-estate agent?  You know they are like used car salesmen.”  I felt the same way after the way we were treated by the realtor who sold the house that we were renting.   After taking the time to sit and talk to Sandra, and get to know her… She is a very genuine person.  And so are a lot of real estate-agents.

It’s too bad that the good agents don’t always get the attention.  You only hear about the bad ones.  For the most case, this is not the typical real-estate agent.  More often than not, real-estate agents are good, hard working people.  When talking to Sandra I thanked her for taking the time out of her day and kind of assumed that they really only work at night and weekends.  Sure the bulk of their showings may be in the evenings and weekends but the good agents, the Sandra Parsons and the Rob Maars out there, work very hard during the day too.  You don’t get to over a million in commissions by not working hard.


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