Week 15 – Karen Learmonth

Week 15 - Karen Learmonth

This week I met with amazing photographer Karen Learmonth of Amber Light Photography.

As you may or may not know, along with this blog project, I also own a business called Anything on a Clock.  A couple years ago, I was searching for photographers who would like to carry my clocks as part of their product line. That is how I met Karen Learmonth of Amber Light Photography.  She sent me a number of photos that I made into samples for her.  She now carries my clocks as part of her product line.  We decided that for this meeting, we would meet at yet another Waves Coffee House.

Who is Karen Learmonth?

“I started painting on walls when I was about 2 years old.  My parents would put my crib in the middle of the room and I would bounce it over to the walls.  I would paint with anything.  If I couldn’t find paint, I’d use crayons, toothpaste, whatever I could get to make the world more beautiful.  It’s been my goal ever since then to make the world more beautiful any way that I can.  Right now it’s with photography and painting.”

On to the questions…

Dan Goy of Baja Amigos RV Caravans and Tours asks 

Q.   How supportive is your spouse for your business?

A.   “He’s very supportive.  He is my second shooter for weddings.  He also helps out with all the techie computer stuff when I get frustrated when the computer crashes.  He also helps out with things like book keeping and stuff like that.  I couldn’t have done it without Gary, definitely.”

Alan Brown of Second Level Communications asks;

Q.   How important is Social Media to your business and why?

A.   “I think social media is important for most businesses but even more so for photographers because it is a visual industry and people need to trust that you can do what you say you can do.  That being said, of course, there are people that are a little bit unethical.  They steal other people’s photos and pass them as their own but generally you can tell.  If you look at their body of work and they all have the same sort of feel, you know that they can get the work done.  Also I think Facebook has been crucial for me in particular because people like your work, they tell their friends.  They can see your work right away.  It’s not like telling someone ‘Oh yeah, that was great’ but they can’t see it, taste it, touch it, feel it.  With social media, they can see it right away.”

Jason NitroMan of Nitro Lube asks 

Q.   Was money the motivator to start your business?
If not, what was?

A.   “No, not at all.”  I asked her what was,  “Basically I wanted to have control of my own time, choosing what clients I work with and I wanted to be able to do some of my own artwork.  When I was working in the corporate job that I was before, I was doing photography on the side.  I was working about 80 hours per week for that corporation and by the time I got home I was mentally exhausted so I was unable to do my own artwork.  Granted, when you are in your won business, you are still working a lot of hours, unusual hours like nights and stuff like that but because it’s creative, I’m always pumped up so I can do more creative work on the side.  Also if I need a doctor’s appointment or I need to stay at home with my daughter, I can rearrange my schedule last minute where as in the corporate world, you’re there.

In conclusion…

I had a great time meeting with Karen.  You can hear her passion for her craft and her business with every word that she speaks.  Thank you Karen.

Due to the flue hitting our family HARD last week.  I wasn’t able to set up an interview for my blog post next week.


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I own a small business called Anything on a Clock. I started Anything on a Clock in 2007 when my son was about a year old.

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