Week 16 – David Clark Wilson

Week 16 - David Clark Wilson

Week 16 I met with David Clark-Wilson to talk about his businesses in England and his businesses in Canada

I met David about 4 years ago when he was starting to get his Ultimate Gift Card program running in the Vancouver area.  Shortly after we met, I started working with him designing and promoting the UGC cards as well as promoting my business using the card program.  

David has a few businesses that he has a hand in.  Along with his UGC business, he also is part owner of Phresh Spa in Vancouver and more recently he is working on an energy reduction program that I will be talking about in future posts. 

David and I went to Delany’s Coffee House in West Vancouver.  It was a nice day so we decided to sit outside.  Little did I know that it would also be quite loud.  It was a good thing I record these conversations because I couldn’t hear him too well. 

Who is David Clark Wilson? 

David was born in 1952 in London England.  When he was about 2 years old, they moved about 30 miles north of London to  Luton England where he grew up.

David went to Bedford School where he excelled in mathematics.  “It was a private school, or as we would call it in England, a public school.  I was one of the hoity toity brigades there.”  From there he went to Hull University where he took mathematics.  He went on to get an Egro Tech degree which is a BSC in Mathematics. 

He always wanted to be in business.  “Entrepreneurially I was making shell ducks when I was 12.”  David would make ducks out of shells, paint them up and sell them to tourist shops. 

“I bought my first home when I was 22.  I bought another when a couple of years later. At 25 years old, David became the youngest consultant for the PA Consulting Group. “I left there about 3 years later to open up a leisure business.  I built up a business in leisure over about 13 years.  Boats on the River Thames in London along with wine bars, night clubs and restaurants.  We did corporate and marquis events.  We rented out to the Queen Mother,  Princess Margaret and the House of Commons.  

By 2001 I started working on the Ultimate Gift Card Program and work with Smart Card technology in London where we did work with the London Underground (Subway), the river, and some of the other businesses that I knew from my leisure business.  I carried on that when I came back in 2004.  In 2005 I started up Second Stream Marketing and UGC.  We’ve done many, many projects with UGC including individual merchants (in which I am one), Fashion Week, Celebration of Lights and the Out Games. 


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