If everyone measured success by dollars and cents, most small businesses would be a failure.

David Clark-Wilson

David Clark-Wilson of UGC, Second Stream Marketing and pHresh Spa

I’ve known David Clark-Wilson of  UGC for a very short time.  Before we sat down and talked, I knew that he runs a business called Ultimate Gift Card and I also knew that he was one of the owners of pHresh Spa in Vancouver.  What I didn’t know was that he was very successful in England running night clubs and river boats.  He entertained everybody from “The bloke off the street to the Royal Family.”

When we sat down and talked, I asked him “what was you biggest fear and how did you deal with it?”

“I guess my biggest fear was lack of success.  Not being respected.  And being a failure.”  David told me that part of being a failure to him is not living up to the expectations of your peers, parents and friends.  He has built businesses in both England and in Canada.  Some have been successful and some have not.  “Here in BC, I feel that I have been treading water for the last 16 years.  Part of me feels like I have been a failure.”  David feels that your success or failure depends on how society views you.

He had a very successful leisure business in England and gave it all up for his family.  “I haven’t had making money as a huge priority since 2000.  I’ve had to meet the bills but making money has not been a priority.”

“Not being a failure is a bit of an internally referenced thing.  I don’t really care what anybody thinks any more.  The more I do that, the more that I am freed from that feeling.  I know that my successes out weigh my failures.”

From talking to others also, the fear of failure in society’s eyes is one of the biggest fears that one might have.  If everyone measured success by dollars and cents, most small businesses would be a failure.


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I own a small business called Anything on a Clock. I started Anything on a Clock in 2007 when my son was about a year old.

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