Week 17 – Gary Jones


View from Gary Jones' office

View from Gary Jones’ office on the 16th floor of the Station Tower in Surrey BC

Gary Jones is a financial planner with Freedom 55 Financial. I know you might be asking, isn’t this blog about successful business owners and how they started in their business.

“I previously was the owner of the company, Blue Fur which was a web hosting company that I grew over 8 years.” Gary explained, “We had around twelve thousand clients when I sold it.”

I asked him what made him into the man that he is today. “I am a product of a single dad. My mom left when I was in kindergarten. He was an entrepreneur so I learned a lot of entrepreneurial skills from him. His father was an entrepreneur and his father before him was an entrepreneur so entrepreneurism runs in our family. I’ve seen a lot of businesses grow, shrink and die. That’s what motivates me to wake up every morning and feed my family.”

Gary told me that at a young age both his father and grandfather died. In fact, his grandfather died before Gary was born. “So I know that has taught me that what happens with entrepreneurs is that we end up working a lot. We pour our blood, sweat and tears into our businesses and it doesn’t really pay off in the end if we don’t have anything for our kids.”

Gary was born and raised just outside Toronto. His father as his grandfather both owned a speaker manufacturing business. It was the largest speaker manufacturing company in Canada. When Gary was 18, his father sold his business in Toronto with the plan to open a speaker distribution system inVancouver. Unfortunately, Gary’s father passed away before he could realize his dream.

This left Gary and his mother with no business to sell, no home insurance, no life insurance. “The only thing that we had was a small nest egg that came from selling the business in Toronto for my mom to live off for the rest of her life.”


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