What inspires you?

Blair Kaplan of Blair Kaplan Communications

Blair Kaplan of Blair Kaplan Communications

A few weeks ago I met with Blair Kaplan of Blair Kaplan Communications and a group coupon sight called Living Free Canada.  What impressed me the most about her is how much of an energy ball she is.  I just had to ask her how she stays inspired to do what she does.

“I think what inspires me the most is when I tell someone what I am doing and they get genuinely excited about it.”  The day that we met, she had another meeting with a woman that she had just met a couple days before.  This woman was so excited about her energy and the direction that Blair was going with her businesses that she instantly had people in mind that could help Blair’s business grow.

Blair also developed a love for yoga when she was with Lululemon Athletic Apparel and in what spare time she has, she runs kids yoga birthday parties.  “They love it.  I teach them focus and patience and it works on flexibility and their breathing.”  She calls them Prince and Princess Parties.  The music that she uses is inspirational Disney music.  “I sometimes teach 4 year olds.  They love it.”

I told her that my 6 year old has the attention span of a moth.  “The thing about Yoga is you roll with it.  If they can’t sit still, we make the yoga mats into a canoe and we canoe to the jungle.  And we become warriors and we hunt for trees.  It’s fun.”

One of the interesting things about this project is to discover how different we all are and yet we are all the same.  For me, my 6 year old is my inspiration.  The first clock that I ever did was of him and that hangs in my office.  Whenever I need inspiration, I look at  him.  Blair uses her energy and the energy from the people around her as her inspiration.

What is your inspiration?


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