Week 18 – Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson and his Family at Fenway Park in Boston

I met Doug Anderson of DA Top Talent about 4 years ago at a networking workshop.  My company, Anything on a Clock donated a custom clock as a door prize and he won it.  That was definitely a win – win situation.  He was able to preserve a special moment in time on a clock and I gained a fantastic mentor and a friend for life.

Who is Doug Anderson

“What made you into the man you are today?” I asked him.  “About 50 excruciating years of experience” Doug  joked.  “I think part of it was an upbringing that got me familiar with the 50’s and 60’s as a child, and then try to bring that Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver style to small business owners in the next century.”

Doug’s father was in the foreign service.  Doug was born in Edmonton Alberta.  When he was just 6 months old his father was posted to San Paulo Brazil.  “My first language was actually Portuguese.  My upbringing was mostly from outside Canada.  That also added to my perspective of being a person of the world, rather than just a Canadian.”   Doug spent many years in the USA.  He also lived in Australia for 7 years, 3 years in Manila and 4 years in Brazil.  “It gave me the chance to see a lot of the world and it’s given me a healthy perspective of how lucky we are to live in Vancouver.

Tell me a bit about DA Top Talent

“I started DA Top Talent 11 years ago to help people in career transition.  After 2 years of working part time, I started working full time at it.” Doug explained.  That focus soon shifted from executives looking for a career change into small business advice.  Doug helps small businesses focus on the principles of their businesses.  He coaches them on their leadership, management, finance, marketing and sales.  

I am not one of his clients but I have had the opportunity to sit down with him on a number of occasions.  He is what he preaches.  He has an open door policy whereas he encourages those who work with him to call or shoot him an email whenever they need his advice.


About KevenMcTaggart
I own a small business called Anything on a Clock. I started Anything on a Clock in 2007 when my son was about a year old.

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