“The Dream. I saw it big.”

I met a little while ago with Martin from ZOOM! Building and Property Care.  I originally met Martin at a Surrey and Langley Business Support Network Meet-Up.  I got to know a bit about his business but not enough about him.  I asked him “When you started your business, what did you think about most each day?”  I was pleasantly surprised with his answer because it is one of the things in business and life that I believe in the most.

“The Dream.  I saw it big.” he answered.   “I know what I wanted it to look like.  I know how many clients I want each day.  I know how many staff I want to be working with each day.  I know the dollar value I want to be billing.  So that is where I spent a lot of time.  Then it was breaking it down to how do we get there from here?”

I asked him if he wrote down his dreams.  “Yes” he answered.  “I don’t have it framed up on my wall but it’s on a scratch pad somewhere on my desk.”  And of course, because it is “somewhere” on his desk, he doesn’t look at it daily “but I know very specifically what it is that I am shooting for.  It’s not complicated and it’s always on the top of my mind.”

I asked him if he had a date for his goals to be completed.  “No I didn’t   I know that’s a ‘no no’ and I can’t tell you why I didn’t  but I didn’t   I’m pretty well a connect the dots person.  I have a hard time putting a dream out there that I can’t see a line to.  I understand that there is a lot of faith in the process.  If you put it out there, it will happen but I like to see how the dots connect.”

I am a big believer in “The Secret” and what you put out there, you will manifest.  That is why I am writing this today.  I told him about a friend of mine, Meeka Caissie who is a very successful leader and partner with Vemma and a woman who is well connected to philosopher Bob Proctor.  She has been helping me with my vision and my dreams and one thing that she tells me is to set a date.  If I say it will happen next week, when next week comes, there is always another next week.

Do YOU have a dream?  Did YOU set a date?  If so, please share it with us.  Putting it out there might help it to manifest quicker.


The Law of Attraction… Does it work?

Bob Proctor Clock

I made this clock and gave it to Bob Proctor when I met him.

Do you think the Law of Attraction works?

When my son was still in my wife’s belly, we met a couple who introduced us to “The Secret.”  For those of you who don’t know the secret, it is all about the Law of Attraction.  

About 3 weeks ago I was at my printer picking up my new business cards.  When I walked in, a young lady (Meeka) was sitting at the desk talking to the printer.  She saw my business cards and asked me about my company Anything on a Clock.  After I told her a bit, she invited me out to a new networking group called Rapid Times Networks.  She told me that RTN would be a great fit for my product.  

Meeka then told me that legendary philosopher and world class speaker, Bob Proctor will be doing a full day event in Burnaby coming up.  For the last few weeks, I have been helping to promote her event to my network.  I sent out a number of Tweets, I started a Facebook Event Page and promoted it on Pinterest just to name a few.  I also handed out a number of business cards directing my friends and connections to the event.  

This past Saturday I not only went to see Bob Proctor along with about 500 other people, I had the most amazing opportunity to meet with him one on one and get my picture taken with him.  I made 2 copies of the clock shown above.  One that I gave to Bob and the other he signed for me and now is proudly hanging in my office.  When I gave the clock to Bob, he seemed to really like it and genuinely thanked me for the gift.

Now let’s get back to my question.  Do you think the Law of Attraction works?  

When Meeka and I left the printer, she told me that she believes that the universe had a reason for her and I to be at the printer at the same time.  

When Bob Proctor received my gift, he gave the clock his undivided attention for a brief time.  The next day I got a few quite unexpected orders.

Do you think the Law of Attraction works?  I say yes!

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